Meet The Distiller

Alan Reed Bishop
Master Distiller - Spirits of French Lick

Anywhere agriculture, music, history, and distillation create a crossroads is the place that Alan calls home. Born and raised in Pekin Indiana on a small third-generation tobacco farm, the blood of many Hoosier and Kentucky farmer-distillers drives him and calls to him from deep within. Owner-operator of Bishop’s Homegrown/Face of The Earth seed company, Alan has been involved in open pollinated and public domain plant breeding for many years and is very actively involved in community organizations. Alan has refined his distillation art from skills handed down to him from generations of family members and from practical experience. Previously a distiller for Copper and Kings American Brandy Co., Alan brings the distillation mentality of a brandy maker to his crafted whiskey, following the slow and cold methodology as well as respect for the raw source materials and the terroir of the Hoosier state. He knows that a great Alchemist always follows their intuition as much, if not more so, than the pure science of distillation. A spirit is only as good as the skill of the creator.


Stephen McNeely –  Assistant Distiller

Assistant Distiller - Stephen McNeely

Assistant Distiller – Stephen McNeely

Say hello to our assistant Distiller Stephen McNeely.  Stephen is a native of French Lick and attended school at Springs Valley.  Stephen is an avid gamer as well as a fellow lover of distilled spirits and music, taking inspiration from bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Hollywood Undead.  Stephen has stepped up to the plate to deliver in his words “extremely well made products, with an eye towards quality” and has in short order become our go-to miller: prepping cooks daily, weighing grains, and helping design potential mash bills.  Recently he has become a distiller in training, working closely with our master distiller and learning the ins and outs of distillation as well as developing his palate.  He has also taken a keen interest in the fermentation arts here at the distillery.