Absinthe Le Blue

Descriptor: One could wax poetic of the Green Fairy for days on end but we believe that’s been done to death.  Instead, we let our unique “Le Bleu” styled formula does the speaking.  13 botanicals in total give rise to this gorgeous pour.  Distilled in the clandestine fashion of the Swiss during the prohibition of absinthe period we avoid all post distillation infusions and instead rely on the trinity of Wormwood, Anise, and Fennel to provide a base upon which we build up pastoral, citrus, and notes of Chamomile.  Enjoy any way you would please as we refuse to be paralyzed by conjecture.

We start with netural grain spirits in order to focus on “painting” with our botanicals on a blank canvas.  We mascerate most of our botanicals for 18-24 hours in our pot still Sophia and add the remainder to our gin basket for oil extraction.  Distillation is performed very slowly to pull the most of the essence of the botanicals into the distillate.  We proof from 145 down to 120 over a number of weeks and tank age the distillate in neutral stainless steel tanks.

Appearance: transparent but almost shimmering.  The oils from the botanicals give a slight haze to the distillate and the presence of chamomille sometimes gives a light yellow coloration.

Aroma: Pastural and fresh, herbaceous, woody, deep, and floral

Front: Anethol and wormwood are immediately apparent, with a slight tounge numbing effect.

Mid: a complex array of well blended botanicals begins to spread across the palate with a gorgeous chamomille tone holding everything together in an orchestra of flavor

Back: The creaminess of the product becomes apparent and some slight bitterness from wormwood makes it’s presence known. Chamomile is omnipresent.

Finish: long and silky, mouth coating, Anethol for days.



Traditional Parisian method with cold water and a sugar cube

Absinthe Julep –  Crushed ice, 8 ounce glass, 2 ounces absinthe, six ounces A and W rootbeer, spearmint

Alan Wrench – Same as a julip, replace ice with vanilla ice cream.

Play list:

The Cure:   Fascination Street

Nine Inch Nails:   The Perfect Drug

New Order:   Blue Monday

Joy Division:   Dead Souls

Roky Erickson:   Sputnik

David Bowie:   Ashes to Ashes