SonRoho:  a play on the word “blush”.  A clear brandy made from Catawba grapes.  The Catawba is a combination strength and beauty:  a tough exterior revealing a delicate interior.  A flash, a flush, a glow:  heat, warmth, light.

Descriptor:  Brandy and the Ohio Valley share a romance dating back to the earliest commercial wineries in the US.  The popularity of Catawba brandy spread from Cincinnati,OH outward toward the Mississippi and upwards to New York, but dissipated during prohibition.

We start with superior Catawba grape juice and double distill in Lilith and Sophia, making tight and heavy Heads, Hearts, and Tails cuts on the doubling run to bring forth the crispness and vitality of the grapes.  We then stainless steel tank age the distillate and bring it to 90 proof over a number of weeks in order to avoid saponification and to retain the essence of the varietal.

Appearance: Transparent.

Aroma: An intense bouquet of freshly picked Catawba grapes and intense grapefruit.

Front: Immediate hints of grape, kiwi, and slight citrus

Mid: Heavy bodied and coating on the tounge, slight black pepper on the sides

Back:  Heavy aromatics and sweet and lingering notes of intense Catawba grape wine flavor.

Cocktails: Pisco Sour


Type O Negative – Hey Bacchus

Queens of The Stone Age – The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret

Days Of The New – Provider

A Perfect Circle – Magdalena

Adam and the Ants – Physical

Iron and Wine – Lilith’s Song